Mondo® Grow Kit PES Amazon XL

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7 reviews for Mondo® Grow Kit PES Amazon XL

  1. Madison Mahon

    Really enthusiastic about this product. Pins came up in 5 days. First flush was impressive. My second is already coming up

  2. Evie Power

    this was the first time but not the last to use the mondo grow kit. First Flush 60g dry mushrooms

  3. Archer Lester

    It took almost a month to see the first pins but afterwards they grew suprisingly well and yielded a few big flushes.

  4. Oliver Poore

    Good grow kit !

  5. Riley Cordeaux

    Very good flushes, a lot off visual effect and they grow a lot

  6. Jorja Goodman

    Very good, grows a lot, a lot off visual effect.

  7. Skye Brazier

    Very good, strong, a lot off visual.

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