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Great White Monster Mushroom

(7 customer reviews)


Great White Monster Mushroom

The Great White Monster is a heavily sought-after strain among medicinal users for good reason. This cross between the Puerto Rican and the A-strain shroom has psilocybin as its main component which has a lot of scientific data behind it supporting its therapeutic claims. It offers great health benefits unavailable in other mushroom strains such as alleviating symptoms of chronic pain, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more.

This strain should not be taken lightly though as it has a potency that is higher than average. It will give you an incredible psychoactive experience with the hallucinogenic effects it brings to the table that gets stronger with increased dosage. It is also perfect for the outdoors as its mood-stabilizing and euphoric effects intensify your nature walks.

It is important to note that the size of the Great White Monster does not define its potency and hence, should be taken within the recommended dosage.


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7 reviews for Great White Monster Mushroom

  1. Jana Amaral

    Very fast delivery. Last time I took ‘shrooms was nearly 30 years ago, when I had a positively life-changing but terrifying and uncontrolled trip. I tend to react strongly to mind-altering substances, so I was very cautious with dosage. Day 1, microdose of 0.25 g – nothing. Day 2, 0.75 g – nothing. Day 3, took 1,5 g – then made the mistake of spending it with a group (nobody else knew or took anything), and was left frustrated, wishing only to be able to concentrate on the beautiful, soft, subtle visuals in the clouds and the lake water. Day 4, 1 g, spent walking in familiar and safe woods alone with my dogs. After an hour, felt a wonderful gentle sensation of clarity and understanding, which lasted over 3 hours. No visuals. It was a warm, comforting and enjoyable experience, causing no intoxication whatsoever. Absolutely recommend Golden Teacher to beginners who might be a little fearful. I’ll be ordering it again.

  2. David Reed

    The product came without issues and packaged discreetly. Very happy with the whole process

  3. David Reed

    mushroom showed me the extreme anger issues I have had all my life and when I started relaxing into the experience I had the most calm comedown.

  4. Paige Siegel

    Received order very quickly and well packaged. Product was exactly as described. GREAT! will order again.

  5. Helen M. McAlister

    Loved loved loved! Fast delivery, beautiful product. Had a blast, highly recommend.

  6. Karissa Gibson

    Good service, quick shipping, awesome tripping.

  7. Adrian Brunswick

    Absolutely beautiful

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