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Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom

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The Aztec God magic mushroom variety originated in Central America, where the ancient Aztec civilization existed for thousands of years. It is well documented that the Aztecs intentionally consumed these mushrooms, and that they were well aware of the profound spiritual state of consciousness that they would encounter upon consuming them. This is evidenced by many forms of Aztec art, and Aztec nomenclature. The Aztecs even had a word for magic mushrooms – Teonanácatl – which translates to “Flesh of the Gods”.


2xOz, HP (Half Pound), Oz(28g), P (Pound ), QP (Quater Pound)

6 reviews for Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom

  1. Alan Patchen

    Incredible visuals during a fulfilling blissful trip. Can’t wait to have responsibility free time again to dive deeper into where these babies can take you.

  2. Eric C. Easton

    One of the best trips I’ve had in a long time and kinda wishing I had saved these for myself instead of sharing. This is the strain you reserve space for in your private stash! Will definitely repeat buy this once all the Christmas spending is done!

  3. Micheal Morin

    5/5 would recommend. Great for experienced trippers, great visuals and mental space.

  4. Tiffany Klein

    Fantastic! Made them with tea, came on quick, super strong, very intense. Great experience from order to delivery to consumption 🤘

  5. Brittany Cole

    Very strong. I took 4 grams of it and I had such a profound transformative spiritual experience

  6. Mary Crossland

    That’s very good point

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